Saturday, July 29, 2023

Motherhood.....a glimpse

 Motherhood.....a glimpse!

When your heart has been punctured a thousand times and you are bleeding from within, when a thousand voices scream inside your head but all you choose is silence, when each pore of your body feels the disgust you are going through but you still choose to stay put, you know you are a MOTHER.
A word so powerful that even God who created it would bow before her and her sacrifices.
When your ego has been injured countless times and you are all bruised, but you still choose to nurse and feed , you know you are a MOTHER.
When your injuries do not hurt anymore and all you see are those innocent eyes that twinkle when they see you for they know that you are the only one they will reach out to when they are sad or joyful, hungry or in pain. Those tiny hands and feet that may outgrow the mittens and the socks but would never outgrow your laps.
It is for them, we mothers would go to any corner of the world to fetch whatever brings them joy; a flake of snow, a piece of cloud, a splash of the rainbow or a fist clenched with sunshine.
Our lives are changed forever the moment another life blossoms out of us. This phenomenon itself is "Larger than Life".
So, we cannot expect it to be anything close to ordinary. We cry, we complain, and sometimes we just give up! The anger, the frustration and the helplessness can make even the strongest of us go weak in our knees.
At that moment, we look around. We look for somebody who can lift us, lift our spirits, lend a helping hand and affirm that its going to be okay. Things will not be the same 6 months down the lane.
Few words of comfort, a shoulder to rest on, a hot meal or a warm blanket now and then is all we yearn for. Because life blossoms from life....
The joys of motherhood are beyond measure. But, each mother has to accept them with the pains that come along. No mother would barter those pains or the blessing of motherhood for anything in the world.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Lockdown & Life

When man was busy making the most out of Creation, when man was printing currency and sending space missions, Nature was conspiring to avenge what had been inflicted on her. Unaware of the lurking danger, we continued to walk the Earth and fell the greens.

We kept brewing toxins and emanating dark fumes. Mother was observing, waiting to hit the iron rod. And silently creeping, without any footsteps, came the COVID-19 catastrophe! Hidden behind familiar faces, it claimed life after life. It pronounced “DEATH” in the air and cheered at its monstrous victory. Shutting down all doors of hope, it made life lifeless.
We started counting days in hope for a normal life. But the days became months and months surpassed an year.
Now, we are in the 2nd phase of dealing with the stronger version of our enemy. And, man is still clueless as to what is in store for humanity.
Will this bloody bath continue? Will Nature ever forgive what the human greed has brought forth?
May be this is the curse humanity was destined to face. May be this is the downfall a civilization faces to herald the beginning of a more powerful life.
May be life is not as steadfast as we thought. May be life is not supposed to be taken for granted!
So, be grateful for every breath. Every moment counts.
Make the most of the present. Kneel down everyday in awe of what you have before the Supreme Power!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A relaxing Sunday afternoon…
The outcome of an injured toe!
Otherwise, this modern man never stops.
Not even in sleep, not even in death.
The humdrum of life is like the gears of a running clock;
All intertwined with each other, if one stops, all stop.
We barely know what we are running after
Some would say money, some would say joy
Some would say love, some salvation
But, the truth is, that, we are all jokers
We entertain each other on the stage of this world.
But, nobody knows what happens, when the show ends and the curtains fall
The jokers disappear into oblivion
They are forgotten and hardly thought of
They are meant to be funny and entertaining
Likewise, we humans like people who are cheerful and gay
Who make merry and make us forget our troubles
While the ones who ail in pain are gradually distanced
They are less often visited and buried in the sub-conscious mind
It is a rat race until the finishing line arrives
We notice not what we are leaving behind till the last breath
So, let us not wait for that finishing line
Let us pause and ponder and have a look around
To admire what is there and acknowledge our gifts
Make this life a thousand lives
Make these colors a rainbow line!

Harshingaar or the only flower that can be devoted to Gods even after they have fallen on the ground....the beauty and fragrance are both divine. I was blessed to witness it in my childhood, but sadly the plant was removed from the garden as its immense aroma attracted dangerous serpents. But, one incident I clearly remember is...going to someone's place with an aunt to pick the fresh flowers in the dawn that must have fallen on the ground. I can never forget the stillness and dark blue sky waiting to transform into crimson red. The orange stalk and centre of the flower are like its ornaments. And, as close to my heart the flower is...the plant found its way back again in my parental home and is wildly flourishing in the garden on its own. I would say we are lucky that we can offer them to the Gods and it chose our domicile to bloom and blossom #bounties_of_nature

The Undefeatable !

That's the way one ought to be..
Its not just an adjective but an attitude
An approach towards life
To believe and to show the world
That how powerful you are
And how undefeatable
There will be times when you will feel like you are falling apart
That you are being torn into pieces by the forces of nature
That life is not fair and you are unable to bear it anymore
You will defy all beliefs and turn down all Gods
You will lose faith in faith and shut all lights down
But, yes, there is an end to every tunnel
And that's where we are heading each day
To the eternal light that is blinding at once
When your soul will bloom and the pieces will gather
All will gradually fall into place
For you to believe that this is not the end
The worst is over and there is a new life waiting ahead of you.

All Things Christmassyyyy.....

All things cozy, all things cuddly
My favorite time of the year is here
When the town and the world is painted white & red
The ground has been made into a snow-bed
For Santa to arrive gleefully in his sleigh
And the reindeers to alight, their hoofs as quite as night
The kids are asleep but the stockings awake
Excitement makes them tingle as to what will make them jingle
Hope and merry sweep all alike
When troubles are forgotten and buried into Christmas pie
Dwellings smell of cookies and the oven is all ablaze
There is rum and candy
There is mirth and cheer
All bells resound in unison as if joy has been sprinkled in the air
Gifts are being wrapped and ribbons being taped
Eyes twinkle in eagerness as the North Pole is busy
The fireplace is lit and wine has been served
Its a no reason celebration for all to unite
Dinner and music, dance and giggles
All big and small grouped into couples
Carols and choirs, all faces bright with smile
They welcome you aboard, with arms open wide.
The elves are at work, reading letters, stamping mails...
They know it is the magic that every heart awaits
I, too, wish my child who is now fast asleep
To believe in miracles that his innocent eyes have never seen
I hope to create that magic within and around him
To feel the X-mas spirit that is so deep rooted in me

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Musings of a Late Night Mom!

In the darkness of night,
And the silence of the beloved ones asleep
When none but the snores of my child are like melody to my ears as he is deep in his dreams and no other force can soothe him as good as the nursing night slumber.
I am content with the motherhood phase I am passing through and I passively smile as I pour him the last glass of milk of the day.

In the background, I can hear the whistle of the train and the screeching of its wheels through the foggy winter night; which reminds me of my childhood excitement and the physics lessons that came along with it.
Today, I also hear the announcement lady calling out destination names and asking passengers to board their respective trains.

I drift through the distant noises and my mind is transported into so many different worlds at once.
Images begin to flicker in front of my eyes; people swarming the platforms, some struggling to get to their right coaches while others patiently resting on benches or on self-spread carpets as they know their journey is still far ahead.
So many desires, some anxious hearts and some excited ones must be boarding their trains to reach their homes and be with family or their beloved. Some youngsters leaving home with the ambition of a new start in a new city with the twinkle of yet to be fulfilled dreams in their eyes.

Thousands of people with hundreds of reasons, each journey being unique. And here I am, still wondering, where this journey of my life is taking me to!

As always, I have left all upon destiny as it has been the mastermind behind all that has occurred in my life. So, I would wait till the destiny unfolds and I embark upon a new journey, some new chapter of my life that I am yet to explore.

Till then, let me relish this delicious gift of God bestowed upon me, a journey that was never planned, a journey I cannot go back on and a journey I cannot be grateful enough for.